A roundtable discussion on “Our Press and Our Mother Tongue” was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).


A roundtable discussion on “Our Press and Our Mother Tongue” was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) on March 1, jointly organized by the Azerbaijan Literature Department and Azerbaijani Scientific Laboratory.

Academician Mukhtar Imanov, Head of the Department of Azerbaijani Literature, academician Mukhtar Imanov who opened the event, spoke about the expression ways of our language, development of education in language environment and problems in verbal speech. Speaking about the problems of the academic press, radio and television channels, adding the possibility of expressing the most difficult issues in the world via Azerbaijani, he spoke about the shortcomings  of the radio and television: “In the decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev on the use of Azerbaijani language in accordance with time requirements in globalization conditions and on the State Program on linguistics development in the country, social-political event and moral life are noted as important factors. Unfortunately, some media outlets ignored this important factor, and the violation of literary language norms on radio and television channels, unfortunately, has become commonplace. Let’s take into account that, as in all nations, the language of the Azerbaijani people is one of the main factors determining its national identity, and it is our duty to preserve it”.

Later, Khalid Niyazov, a lawyer at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), PhD in Political Science, associate professor, said that the topic was very actual. At the same time, the majority of mistakes in the written media, the language defects in social networks, have been brought to the attention of the participants. After the approval of the new composition of the State Language Commission of the Azerbaijan Republic, he also added that it is important for the future to improve the publication of the spelling dictionary, to prepare the Orthography dictionary, to seriously tackle the linguistic context of secondary and high school textbooks, and to eliminate speech and language deficiencies.

The interview made by Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the 525th newspaper, Seyfaddin Huseynli, Head of the Monitoring Department of Linguistics Institute Sevinj Aliyeva, and Editor-in-Chief of the “Kaspi” newspaper “Literature” appendix, Farid Hussein, students of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism was demonstrated in the event.

Head of the ANAS Institute of Linguistics Department of Public Relations, PhD in Philology Tarana Shukurlu, Head of the AUL Azerbaijan Linguistics Department, Professor Adil Babayev and scientific worker of the Azerbaijani Research Laboratory Elchin Ibrahimov shared his views on the subject.

The interactive meeting ended with responding the participants’ questions.