A roun table on “Azerbaijani language is national way of self-perception” was held at AUL.


On March 6, a roundtable discussion on “Azerbaijani langugae is a national way of self-perception” was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) and it was jointly organized by the Department of Azerbaijani Linguistics and Azerbaijani Studies Scientific Research Laboratory.

Professor Adil Babayev, the head of the Department of Azerbaijani Linguistics, said that language is the essence of morality: “Language is the most important means of protecting and developing the material and moral heriatge of every nation. The mother tongue protects the identity of the nation, and provides acquitance with other peoples cultural heritage and makes it possible to communicate with them”.

Rector of AUL, academician Kamal Abdulla noted the importance of holding such roundtables and stressed the possibility of re-evaluating different views in such events. The Rector noted that Azerbaijani language plays an important role in the formation of national self-consciousness, as in other languages of the world. K.Abdulla advised the students to take maximum advantage of the events held within the frames of the project “Our language and morality”.

Professor Niyazi Mehdi, a senior scientific worker at scientific-research laboratory, spoke about the importance of learning the language of the nation before studying its history and culture, as well: “Everyone should know and protect their mother tongue. Language is a multifaceted, complex social phenomenon, and language protection is a duty of language carriers”.

The round table ended with discussions.