The first lesson in the new format was held at AUL


Large-scale reforms and projects in the direction of development of education are being continued under the leadership of Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), active member of ANAS, honored scientist Kamal Abdulla. Under the instruction of the rector, joint classes have been launched to expand cooperation between the departments of the university and to strengthen the students’ scientific potential. Interactive lectures opportunity such as eliminating the borders between students and lecturers, and add a particular interest to the lesson and enhances its quality.

On November 1, the first joint lesson on “Postmodernism in Literature” was held on the initiative of the head of the Azerbaijani Literature Department of the University, Academician Mukhtar Imanov and the Department of Azerbaijani Literature and Philosophy and Social Sciences. The lecture was attended by the head of ETL in Azerbaijan, PhD in history Agshin Rustamov, employees of the deparmtnets, as well as second-year students of the 341a, 341b, 341c group and master’s degree in Azerbaijani Literature, who are studying in Azerbaijani Language and Literature Teaching.

Associate Professor of the Department of Literature of Azerbaijan Dilbar Zeynalova gave detailed information on the theme “Manifestation of Postmodernism in Azerbaijan Literature”. He said that modernist and postmodern literary-aesthetic concepts widely disseminated in the world literature have not come from Azerbaijani literature. During the era of socialist realism, our artists were trying to convey the idea and language in Ezop language. Noting that postmodernism is reflected in the works of Academician K.Abdulla in conceptual form in Azerbaijani literature, D. Zeynalova also noted that there are spontaneous postmodernism in our literature.

Speaking about the philosophical aspects of postmodernism, Niyazi Mehdi, a professor of philosophy and social sciences, spoke about the philosophy, principles, key ideas and importance of postmodernism. In a lecture organized on the basis of mutual exchange of views, the professor answered the questions of the students about the subject.