A seminar on “Multiculturalism in Indonesia and Azerbaijan: Comparative Study” was held at AUL


On September 11, a seminar on “Multiculturalism in Indonesia and Azerbaijan: Comparative Study” was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). A seminar organized jointly by AUL and the Embassy of Indonesia in Azerbaijan started with the national anthems of both countries.

Rector of AUL, Acting member of ANAS, honored scientist Kamal Abdulla and ambassador of Indonesia welcomed Indonesian guests and said they are pleased to see them at AUL. He said recently that the Indonesian national holiday was celebrated in Azerbaijan at the highest level, and congratulated the guests on behalf of the participants. The academy emphasized that the Indonesian Research Center operates at AUL, and noted that thanks to the activity of this center, Azerbaijani specialists in Indonesia were created. K.Abdulla said that specific steps were taken to open the Azerbaijani language and culture center at Jakarta University in Jakarta, with the support of Ambassador Husnan Bey Phanani, and expressed hope that in the near future the students would love to express our anthem in Azerbaijan.

The rector then spoke about the multicultural values of Indonesia and Azerbaijan. According to him, Indonesia and Azerbaijan combine many features, including multiculturalism. Abdulla said that President Ilham Aliyev declared multiculturalism as the state policy of Azerbaijan. “Multiculturalism is a spiritual treasure that is open to the most humane and secular values of the people of Azerbaijan, from ancient times to the present day, from the creativity of its greatest intellectuals. The line of multiculturalism laid on the political foundations of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev today is being developed by President Ilham Aliyev as a state policy and our university also contributes to this development. I believe that the faculty and staff of our university will allow us to bring the ideas of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan to many parts of the world and to create a highly sustainable, reliable baseball destination in Indonesia. A scientific-research laboratory of Multiculturalism has been established at AUL today and Baku International Multiculturalism Center operates in our country. At the same time, the course of “Azerbaijan multiculturalism” is successfully taught in 15 universities of the world, as well as in Indonesia.

The academician, characterizing Indonesia as a great spiritual ally in terms of multicultural values, stressed that this country is a great multicultural state. In a country where more than a thousand nations live, it has been explained by the fact that humanitarian relations can develop from ancient times to the current situation in friendly and brotherly states, as well as in Indonesia, as regards the solidarity relations among people at the state level.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to Azerbaijan Husnan Bey Phanani said further that this seminar is part of the 2nd Indonesian Culture Festival in Azerbaijan. Appreciating Indonesia as the world’s largest multicultural country, Ambassador said that 270 million people living in that country belong to more than 1,300 ethnic groups, but that they unite language and religion. The Ambassador called Azerbaijan his second homeland: “Azerbaijan is my favorite country”.

Rector of Bangladesh State Islamic University, Prof. Dr. M.Mahdmud M.Si  made speech on “Indonesia and Azerbaijan as Multiculturalism as a Global Model”, Executive Director of Baku International Multiculturalism Center Ravan Hasanov on “Political and Legal Foundations of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism”, Jokeyakarta Sinan Calicaga State University Islamic University Employee Munavar Ahmad  on “The role of social capital in the strengthening of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan and Indonesia”, Professor of the Department of General Linguistics of the Azerbaijan University of Languages Habib Zarbaliyev on “Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan and Indonesia: Contexts and Challenges”, Head of the Department of International Multiculturalism, PhD Rashad Ilyasov on “Literary-Artistic and philosophical resources “.