The presentation of AUL employees’ books was held at the Central Scientific Library


On February 23, the presentation of AUL employees’ books was held. In the presentation ceremony  of the books  included to the Central Scientific Library of  Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) in January, the books were presented of Department of Regional studies, Associate Professor Sevdagul Aliyeva’s “Norwegian ethnography”, the senior  teachers of the same department Vusala Efendiyeva’s “Norwegian history”, that was translated from English into Azerbaijani, Hokuma Abbasova’s  and  Nigar Asgarova’s joint translation “Norwegian culture and society”.

On the basis of materials of an international conference which AUL and Oslo University organized jointly in 2011 the “Thor Heyerdahl and Azerbaijan”, the book titled “Thor Heyerdahl’s search for Odin” ( “Thor Heyerdahl Odin search”) published in 2014 in Norway was welcomed by the participants.

Head of the Department of Regional studies, Associate Professor  Sevdagul Aliyeva  provided information  on the activity  of the department, educational process  in the specialty of Scandinavian studies of the School of Regional studies and International relations,  publishing of articles  of both Azeri and foreign  scientific  in the book “Thor Heyerdahl’s search for Odin”.