Civil defense headquarters


In modern times, although the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress are widely used in the prevention of emergency situations and elimination of consequences, the world are still powerless in the face of large-scale disasters.

The country’s civil defense measures to cover the whole territory and the population of the Republic of Azerbaijan are considered important factors. For the safety of people in emergency situations and civil defense issues and their property, as well as to protect the material and cultural wealth is directly connected to.

Planning and implementation of civil defense measures in educational institutions is especially important. In this regard, it was established in accordance with relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education and Ministry Azerbaijan University of Languages civil defense work, and  “civil defense” on the Law of Azerbaijan Republic, civil defense to ensure the Cabinet of Ministers on September 25, 1998 of No. 193 to the decision, civil protection and other legal regulations, and also of Emergency Situations.

A civil defense headquarters created at the university implements the planning and implementation of measures in accordance with the civil protection legislation, organization of preparation of the staff (and students) in civil protection training, continuously to hold civil protection awareness-raising activities, to improve the knowledge and skills of the civil defense forces personnel and appropriate measures in this area.

In accordance with the recommendations of Civil defense troops , and related to  civil defense measures of the university each year, civil defense trainings are provided. The training will focus on the ability of management to improve civil defense emergency management staff, civil defense forces are directed to improving the practical skills of the personnel.

The documents prepared by AUL’s Civil defense headquarters are agreed by  the Department of Nasimi District of emergency and civil defense forces and  implementation of measures agreed by mutual event.

At the same time, experts have been invited to the events held regularly in the field of civil protection at the university centers f foreign countries. In 2016, with the participation of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Headquarters of the university a training was held for foreign students at the American Center and how to conduct in emergency situations and evacuation routes in case of fire have been told.

To provide  preparation of  chief, commander in chief and  CD troops  during the academic year, trainings are held in order  to improve their  skills and knowledge and recommendations of  developed countries  are used  in the organization of  these trainings

To continue the work set out and to increase the role of Civil defense headquarters are the main aims.

Chief of Civil defense headquarters of AUL          Sevinj  Aghayeva