Finance department



First, as an accounting of  Azerbaijan University of Languages started operating independently leaving accounting department of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages  in 1948. At that time Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages continued its activity payroll accounting consisting of 3 members. In 2013, Finance Department was established for the purpose of the establishment of the accounting system in a high quality and cost-effective manner, as well as to improve the material and technical base of the university.


Finance Department includes Accounting, Department of Economic and supplies.


Currently accounting has become a financial and accounting structure covering all areas of accounting.

Accounting operates with 9 staff and consists of 6 sections:

– Sector wage settlement

– Cash flow section

– Students calculation unit (student tuition fees; student scholarships)

– Inventory accounting unit

– Economics and forecasting division

– Payment section on other compensations

Currently, accounting   is based upon the order 05 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated January 13, 2009, “The national accounting standards for budget organizations”.

Accounting applied the most modern methods in the calculation and payment  of   salary, pension  to the professors and teaching staff, administrative staff, students, and achieved very good results. Accounting was automatized for maximum and maximized reliability and accuracy of data. according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan # 120 dated June 25, 2010,  and Presidential Decree No. 220 dated 10 February 2010 , as well as economic mechanisms related to the development of education in the country  accounting gives its contribution as the financial-accounting department.

The Department of Economic and supplies:

– Strengthening of material-technical base of higher education institution and building in the level of modern requirements

– Maintenance, repair, improper operation of training buildings and other structures

– Responsible for ensuring the economic and stationery goods in accordance with needs of teaching enterprises.