Department of Curriculum Development and Education Policy


Department of Curriculum Development and Education Policy

Department of Education was established on June 6, 1973, as part of APIFL to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union.

????????????????????????????????????In 2006, the registration division began to activate within the Department of Education.

In 2013, center for  quality  provision  was merged with training department, began to function as Department of Curriculum and Quality control.

As a result of the structural changes implemented in 2016, several centers were established within the department:

1) Quality provision and work and alumni center,

2) Experience, professional development and career center

3) Student admission and registration center

4) Knowledge assessment and monitoring center.

The department was changed into department of Curriculum development and education policy.

Curriculum development and education policy include following directions:

  1. The university’s main educational documents on the basis of standards of education – curriculum, development of staff schedules curriculum and teaching process and the interaction of departments of the university;
  2. Analysis of the information on management of the learning process and generalization, preparation of relevant decisions of University;
  3. Grounded planning and organizing of the learning process;
  4. Control system information provision of the teaching process education and professional development in all forms of training;
  5. Constant improvement of the normative-methodical documents relating to the training process;
  6. The planning and preparation of tables of the work of the educational seminars, examination sessions and State Attestation Commission;
  7. The preparation of orders and decrees relating to the educational process of the rector;
  8. Control over teachers and students academic discipline;
  9. The organization and control of the test sessions, summaries and analysis of their results;
  10. Regardless of specialty and form of education of bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University, to organize and carry out assessment of the students’ achievements (UOMG’s);
  11. Control the implementation and verification of test results in joint form with schools deans and departments;
  12. Monitor the affairs of the State Attestation Commission, to summarize and analyze the results on the basis of reports commission chairmen;

13 Calculations and other documents for the establishment of departments of states, teachers and curriculums and teaching loads chairs normal controls, ensure compliance with the teaching load;

  1. Preparation of the announcement of the competition of election teaching staff, as well as to fill vacant positions;

15 Checking on separate issues of teaching and methodical work of departments and schools, participation in surveillance events on the basis of rector’s plan;

  1. The correspondence with citizens and offices on training issues;
  2. Preparation of the data of the state statistical reporting;
  3. The organization of teaching, production and pedagogical practices, making agreement with their basis in implementation of practice, to observe the practices and the adoption of reports in accordance with practices;

19 To realize self-analyze and self-appraisal at the University.

Head of the Department of Curriculum and Education Policy

Shafag Ismail Shahmammadova

Tel: (+99412) 440 64 82


Məmməd İsmayılov

Mammad Allahverdi Ismayilov

Tel: (+99412) 440 10 64 (ext 2, 19)



Tel: (+99412) 441 22 7879 (ext 2, 60)


Department of Knowledge Assessment , Monitoring and Quality Assurance

As a result of structural changes in November 2016, a few Centers for Curriculum and Quality Assurance were established:

1) Quality assurance and work with graduates Center

2) Experience, professional development and carrier Center

3) Student Admission and Student Registration Center

4) Knowledge Assessment  and Monitoring Center.

As a continuation of the structural changes, under the order of the rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Academician Kamal Abdullayev No. 135 dated October 16, 201, Quality Assurance and work with graduates Center under the Department of Curriculum and Quality Control has been incorporated into the Knowledge Assessment  and Monitoring Center The Department of knowledge Assessment , Monitoring and Quality Assurance.

The main areas of activity of the Department of Knowledge Assessment , Monitoring and Quality Assurance are as follows:

  1. Planning of the educational process, organization and supervision on the basis of relevant norms;
  2. Inspection and monitoring of normative and normative documents on the deans functioning at the university and the chairs attached to them;
  3. Annual training curricula, syllabus, teachers, checking individual plans of students, transmission of analytical information to relevant bodies and analysis of results;
  4. Planning and compilation of exam sessions and State Attestation Tribunals in collaboration with deans in AUL, Organization and Conduct Final Examination Examinations;
  5. Organization of winter, spring and summer exam sessions;
  6. Summarizing, analyzing and sending the results of the session to the relevant dean;
  7. Invalid exams from faculties (incl.),

Did not take the exam, did not take part in exams for excuses

Analysis of students;

  1. Removing the list of subjects that most students are taking on exam, sending them to relevant departments and analyzing the results;
  2. Calculation of scholarships for specialties in cooperation with deans under faculties and transfer of results to accounting;
  3. Organization and implementation of teacher achievements and assessment of students at AUL at bachelor and master degrees.


Director of Knowledge Assessment , Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Fatma Nazim Gurbanzadeh

Tel: (+99412) 441 22 78/79 (internal 1 33)