Trade Union Committee


Trade Union Committee (TUC) of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) was created with the Institute. TUC’s supreme body is the plenum which is called at least twice a year. Plenum includes work plan, the collective agreement, the financial report and confirms the current cost estimate, as well as the attitude of the commission to the business plans. The Məmmədov Misgərplenum is made up of 15 members.

TUC is controlled by the Assembly and according to the work plan   sets its work  on public catering, gender, work with youth, individual  labor relations, cultural events, sports and efficient  organization of leisure time.

 at the organizational  structure TUC consists of groupo organizations , the faculty teachers, trade organizations and as a whole includes all sections and departments of the university.

AUL TUC  has 1143 members. TUC budget is spent on the 3items: cultural events, financial aid and sports events. cultural events include: New Year, March 8 International Women’s Day, Novruz Holiday, World Teachers’ Day, May 28 Republican Day and December 31 of the Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis, as well as for leisure activities, theater performances, the rest to pay all the costs of a one-day trip to Shamakhi, Ismayilli and Guba and the teachers’ anniversaries. Each year 20-30 teachers and their family use  the health centers. In terms of cultural events, as well as the subject Olympiads are organized, according to the results of the Olympiad students and teachers are rewarded with money.

Financial assistance under the less salary  families, staff members who receive medical treatment at hospital and are subject to various permanent disease, as well as the Chernobyl invalids, the second group of teachers with disabilities are considered to be within the range. Farm workers, workers, laboratory technicians, teachers, persons who lose their family members are provided with financial assistance.

Sports events are organized every year in May. However, the gym equipment (chess, backgammon, checkers, volleyball, tennis balls and tables) and sports uniforms for the teams  are bought.

All employees of AUL make benefit from  TUC’s financial resources in different forms.

Teachers Trade Union Committee

Misger Yolchu Mammadov

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