International Relations Office


The objective of the International Relations Office is to develop and coordinate the international relations and activities of the Azerbaijan University of Languages. The International Relations Office at AUL is responsible for:

  • The implementation of the Internationalization Strategy and the creation of an action plan;
  • The initiation, preparation and evaluation of agreements with international partner universities;
  • Developing and managing international opportunities for students;
  • The administration and promotion of student, staff, and researcher mobility via mobility programs and activities, such as bilateral institution-to-institution mobility, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Erasmus+;
  • International visit, conferences and seminars

            Internationalization is implemented via bilateral or multilateral partnership agreements with universities, participation in international projects (including projects funded by EU, US State Department etc.), and various exchange and mobility programs. For the past ten years more than 500 students were sent to universities around the world in the framework of these programs. Cooperation agreements also envisage teacher ????????????????????????????????????training, joint research, resource development (including teaching and research related resources), and establishment of libraries and cultural centers. Various cultural and information-resource centers have been established with then initiatives of foreign embassies including those of France, US, Indonesia, Norway, China, India and Austria. The University hosts branches of such notable organizations as the Confutsi Institute, the German Reading Room under the auspices of the Goethe Institute, OEAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst), and the Austrian Library. Azerbaijan University of Languages is a certified institution for holding TOEFL (US), TÖMER (Turkey), AYÖS, and OEAD (German) language tests. AUL was the grant-holding Coordinator University for two TEMPUS projects in 2010 and 2013, and has been a partner institution in 2009 TEMPUS, ERASMUS and ERASMUS Mobility programs since 2010. We have signed and implemented Mevlana exchange programs with Turkish Universities since 2011. AUL has also been developing bilateral relations with EU Universities in the framework of Erasmus+ K1 mobility. These agreements are signed with ITIRI Strasbourg of France, University of Bordeaux of France, University of Murcia of Spain, Fondazione Milano SCM of Italy, Hasan Kalyoncu University of Turkey, Hacettepe University of Turkey etc.

            AUL places a great importance on sustainable relations universities worldwide, it has been implementing a double-degree bachelor program in ESL with the University of Essex, has a long-standing partnership with the University of Glasgow in the fields of bachelor and master student exchange. AUL has developed a Master Diploma Delocalization program in Professional Translation and Conference Interpreting with the University of Strasbourg. Currently, the same project is under development in the field of International Relations.

            The relations with Norway are among most remarkable. Since 2007, AUL has been cooperating with the University of Oslo and University of Agder in preparing specialists in Norwegian Studies. This cooperation funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and, at later stages also by Azerbaijan University of Languages has contributed to the establishment of a bachelor study program in Norwegian Studies, resource development within the frameworks of this program (including teacher training), supply of books and reading materials, development of academic quality assurance procedures and improvement of Norwegian language skills of students and the academic staff through various language courses in Norway. The entire project was also selected by the Ministry of Education Republic of Azerbaijan as a pilot program for disseminating the academic quality assurance culture and procedures to various other programs and institutions.

            Since 2009 AUL hosts students from the USA who receive the CLS scholarship from the State Department to study Azerbaijani language and culture. AUL has also been hosting USA students on CLS and Flagship scholarships to study Turkish language and culture.

Head of International Department

Mirbashir Miragha Aghamirov

Tel: (+99412) 441 23 31

(+99412) 441 22 7879 (ext 2, 20)


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