International Relations Office


Department of International Relations

The aim of the department is to expand the international relations of the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) and to promote the effective development of cooperation with many influential ????????????????????????????????????educational institutions worldwide, contributing to the integration into the international education system.

The structural subdivisions within the International Relations Department are:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Protocol with foreign citizens
  • Grants and projects department

The activities of the Department of International Relations include:

  • Implementation of an internationalization strategy and an action plan;
  • Conducting, preparing and evaluating contracts with international partner universities;
  • Expanding and managing opportunities for students within the framework of international cooperation;
  • Development and management of student, staff and research mobility through various mobility programs such as bilateral university mobility agreements, Erasmus Mundus, TEMPUS, Erasmus +;
  • Organization of international conferences, seminars and other events;
  • Working with foreign citizens, establishing mutual cooperation relationships;
  • Implementation of projects for the development of educational policy.

The AUL exchanges experiences with many educational institutions around the world. Internationalization is based on bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements with universities, participation in international projects (including projects financed by the European Union, US Department of State, etc.) and various mobility programs. More than 500 students have been sent to world universities within the last ten years. Collaboration agreements also include teacher training, joint research, resource development (including teaching and research resources), and library and cultural centers. Various cultural and information resource centers have been established at the initiative of foreign embassies in France, USA, Indonesia, Norway, India and Austria. The University Confucius Institute hosts branches of influential organizations such as the German Reading Hall and the Austrian Library under the auspices of the Goethe Institute OEAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst). AUL also has official permission for TOEFL (USA), EYS and OEAD (German) language tests. Azerbaijan University of Languages has been the general coordinator of two TEMPUS projects in 2010 and 2013, and has been working as a university in TEMPUS, ERASMUS and ERASMUS mobility programs since 2010. ADU has been cooperating with Turkish universities since 2011 within the Mevlana exchange program. The department develops bilateral relations with European Union universities within the Erasmus + KA1 mobility program of the Azerbaijan University of Languages. As a result of these business relationships, a number of formal agreements were signed between France’s ITIRI Strasbourg and Bordeaux universities, Spanish Murcia University, Fondazione Milano SCM of Italy, Hasan Kalyoncu and Hajettepe universities and other universities. AUL attaches great importance to continuity of relationships with universities, implements a double bachelor program with Essex University, has a long-term partnership with the University of Glasgow and a bachelor’s and master’s student mobility. AUL conducts Master Diploma Delo program on Professional Translation and Conference Translation with Strasbourg University. Currently, negotiations are underway to implement the same project in the field of international relations.

Relations with Norway are also at a very high level. Since 2007 AUL has been cooperating with Oslo and Agder universities to train Norwegian language specialists. As a continuation of this cooperation funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Azerbaijan University of Languages has a bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian science specialization programs, resource development (including teacher training), book and textbook supplies, academic quality assurance, and various Norwegian language courses and the development of Norwegian language skills for students and academic staff. The project is evaluated as a pilot project by the Ministry of Education of the Republic as a whole and its sustainability is supported.

Since 2009, AUL hosts the CLS scholarship program designed by the US Department of State to study the Azerbaijani language and culture. AUL also took over the CLS and Flagship scholarship programs for US students studying Turkish language and culture.

The following centers have been established in the Azerbaijan University of Languages as a result of structural changes in the educational process to increase the level of training of specialists in various specialties:

  • American Center
  • Indonesian Research Center
  • Israel and the Middle East
  • Hindi language and culture center
  • Austrian center
  • Mediateka – French Information Center named after George Sand
  • Japan Research Center
  • Italian language center
  • Frankfort center
  • German reading room
  • Korean Cultural Center
  • Spanish language center
  • Scandinavian center
  • Confucius Institute

Head of the Department of International Relations

Nigar Tahir Sultanova

Phone: (+99412) 441 23 31

        (+99412) 441 22 78/79 (internal 2 20)


In September 2017, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Protocol with foreign citizens began its work. The Protocol provides oversight of all events organized within the university, Anar Bağırovorganizes the official reception of the university administrator. Meetings with official guests at AUL (ministers, MPs, ambassadors, scientists, foreign guests, representatives of international organizations, etc.), official documents signing ceremonies, organizing cultural events are also part of the department’s activity.


Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Protocol with foreign citizens


Anar Kamran Baghirov

Tel: (+99412) 440 19 17

(+99412) 441 22 78/79 (indoor 1 19)