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 History of the Library of the Azerbaijan University of Languages

The library was moved from the library of API in 1948 and began operations with four employees and about 7,000 books. In the early years of the book fund was completed with the Collector Libraries and enriched by donated books. In 1951, 806 readers used the library, 936 in 1952, 880 readers in 1953. Due to the fact that in 1959 Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages has teamed up with the Institute of Russian Language and Literature named after M.F.Akhundov, libraries of the two institutions were merged and began to function as a library of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Languages named after M.F.Akhundov at current address: R. Behbudov, 134.

Nuranə TağıyevaDue to the fact that in 1973, on the initiative and instruction of national leader Heydar Aliyev institutions were separated and transformed into independent high schools, the books in the library, too, were divided into two parts and formed the basis for the book fund of each institution. Naturally, in the library of APIFL, named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union, mostly kept the books in foreign languages, including textbooks, manuals in the Azerbaijani and Russian language in accordance with the curriculum, scientific, socio-political and fiction.

In 2000, after the order of the national leader Heydar Aliyev Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages was granted university status and professor S.Seyidov was appointed the post of rector, thorough renovation jobs carried out here have changed the whole complexion of the university and put on the priority position of the organization at the level of the library same requirements and preparation of the concept of its modernization. In order to create a new model of library first step was to allocate sufficient space for the library in the new building on the street Tabriz University and since 2007 the majority of the book fund was transferred to the broad, bright, clean and dry rooms. At the first stage of a role played 14,000 US dollars allocated in 2006 Mobile Operating Company «EKSON” that  is the winner of the project prepared by the library. Thanks to this fund, İRBİS-64 system was purchased, which was used in the libraries of many higher schools of Azerbaijan, in order to improve the training of library staff, well-known experts of the republic were involved in and 126 hours of trainings were conducted uninterruptedly,  4 computers with more memory were purchased for the library. Over the process of preparing an electronic version of the catalog in the library a serious work, and the second half of 2006, all books were purchased for the library, and retro books in the fund, have been gradually developed on the basis of İRBİS-64. In addition, work is underway in the area of databases with full text, consisting of scientific works of the teachers of the university. In order to expedite the application system solutions of İRBİS-64 workstations (AWS) were organized in all branches of the library, they were provided with computers.

In order to provide a comprehensive service to readers, the library is also involved in scientific activities. Since 2005, the annually “Bibliography” works are printed as in a book form by the employees working at our university, published abroad and in our country. In addition, bibliography of works of employees who worked at the Azerbaijan University of Languages, published from 1948 to 2010 was prepared and presented in 2 volumes (about 45 p.) in Azerbaijani and Russian languages.

About the Library – Information


The Aim:

The aim of LIC is supporting education, to be at a high-level in training and research. Meet the information needs of the University, to maintain leadership in the field of modern information technology to help students, researchers in search of information and knowledge.


Our strategy is to create cooperation within and outside the University in order to implement the strategic objectives. Apply a culture of innovation within the LIC and to increase the duty on our professional development,and our official goals.

 Accelerate the development of electronic information services.

Provide mediation to help in the development of strategic and cooperative partnership, supporting the initiative of the School and the University.

Enhance and expand through networking, introduce services of LIC resources within and outside the university.

Enhance the capacity of the library as a meeting place suitable for education and research, at the same time for social and intellectual ties.


           Library services

Trying to quickly and fully to provide various queries of readers helps to make productive use of print media, carries out protection fund. Organizes record of readers to the library, provides services for reading groups. Takes part in the acquisition of funds and executes queries readers of this literature;

 Technical Service


Electronic cataloging

Full electronic information database

Since 2006, all stages of work in the department are based on IRBIS-64 system. Library Foundation provides the necessary printed materials in Azeri and foreign languages. The department makes copies and electronic versions of the most popular books, periodicals, theses based on surveys of readers.

 Reference Information Center

Provide bibliographic services system of electronic and traditional catalogs and files, educate readers the information and bibliographic knowledge.

Provide bibliographic services through the electronic catalog;


Encyclopedias, dictionaries, information and reference books, textbooks and literature in the room are laid out in the open shelves. At the same time, the exhibition is organized of newfound literature as well as books and periodicals devoted to a remarkable and historic day.

      Computer Room

Organization of the use of electronic resources, local area network. At the same time, users will increase the use of electronic resources in the network library.

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