General department


Stationery (General Department) has been functioning since the establishment of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages named after 50th anniversary of the USSR (1973), (Azerbaijan University of Languages -2000). General Department is Rəcəbova Aidəgoverned by the regulation about institution of higher education, decrees of Ministry of Education, as well as, heads in institutions of higher education, and instruction on the implementation of clerical work. The following functions are assigned to general department for the fulfillment of instructions:

  • Submission of incoming and outgoing, and internal documents to the university administration for timely review
  • Documentation and sending documents, proper preparation of documents and control over documentation, adding them to records, organizing rational correspondences;
  • Acceptance, registration, storage of incoming and outgoing documents, sending them to structures, as well as, transfer of the documents to the archives for State storage.
  • General Department organizes the reception of citizens. General Department prepares information about the progress of the implementation of tasks for conducting reviews of each quarter. Director of General Department prepares monthly data, references, if implementation period is changed department is informed .
  • The attachment of documents on the personal affairs, organization of rational correspondence;

The Head of the Department manages all activities of general department, fulfills his/her duties and obligations mentioned in the legislation, and is responsible for the implementation of assignments and functions.

Head of General Department

Aida Akbar Rajabova

Tel: (+99412) 441 31 58