Information Department


Information Department was established by the decision of the University’s Academic Council meeting held on 26 October, 2016. Until this date, the Department has functioned as the Public Relations.

According to the order No. 15 dated February 24, 2014, of the Public Relations Department began its work on the base of the Public Relations and Press Department. AUL’s Department of Public Relations and Press service has been operating since December 2008, a formal decision on the creation of the Department was on the 4th of February in 2009.

The department set up its own work in several directions. The Department includes: Public Relations Department, “Polyglot” newspaper editorial office, Protocol services and TV studio.

Contact with the media, press releases, preparing to inform the public about the activities of the university and the university’s reputation and positive feedback to rise further promote of the university are the main tasks of the Department. In addition, publication of the University’s official newspaper “Polyglot” newspaper, as well as the university’s web site refers to the work of the Information Department. Protocol service controls the organization of events held at the University.

Protocol Service has been operating at the Information Department since March 2010.

8-page “Polyglot” newspaper has been published since December 2000. University professors and students publish their articles in this newspaper. At the same time, “Polyglot” newspaper works closely with the university’s graduates. Previously, the newspaper was published twice a month, at the moment is published once a month.

For the first time among the higher education institutions, AUL’s Public Relations and Media service organized a briefing dedicated to the annual results  of 2008-2009 academic year for  Media representatives on July 7,2009.

In 2010, Azerbaijan University of Languages was  “The University of the Year”, the Press Service of AUL being in the first place among the relevant structures of higher education institutions was awarded “The press service of the Year”. In 2011, the head of the Press service of AUL was elected “The press secretary of the Year” on the higher education institutions, is selected.

AUL’s official newspaper “Polyglot” Newspaper for the first time among the Universities was accepted as a member of the Press Council on October 22, 2009.

In  order to ensure   organization of the autumn session of the academic year 2015-2016 to the existing rules, objectivity, impartiality, and transparency in the assessment of students’ knowledge, with the participation of Anti-corruption NGOs, education experts and media, a media tour was held twice by the, a sociological survey was conducted with a view to strengthening public participation.

It also manages AUL’s “AUL-official page”- the official Facebook page and posts news in media, broadcasts and photos on this page. At the same time, it posts information and photos about the university, as well as news prepared by TV Studio of AUL (open classes, meetings and etc.) on “higher education institutions” of the Facebook page of the Ministry of Education

AUL’s TV studio began its activity in September 2015 under the Information Resource Complex of Azerbaijan University of Languages. TV studio’s creative team prepares news blocks, brief interviews, various TV shows, work on the topics, programs reflecting the activity of the university teachers and students. Interesting plots reflecting scientific creativity of university teachers, various video surveys held among the youth n are displayed on TV.  TV studio prepares interviews with foreign guests who came to AUL.