Student Youth Organization


Student Youth Organization of Azerbaijan University of Languages was established in May, 2005. The establishment of Student Youth Organization was possible on the basis of the joint project of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education. AUL Student Youth Organization participated in the formation of the Union of Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations in November, 2009.  And now the organization is a member of the Union and, is  represented by a total of 3 people in the Union, the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and a member of the Board of Governors.
The duty of SYO, students’ governing body, is to protect the rights of students, discover their potential, expand their scope, help them build a strategy, and to make students’ leisure time very interesting.

The events, intellectual contests, debate championships, exhibitions, sports races, music festivals, etc. being held at the university, are organized under the students’ projects. These projects based on special interests are carried out by an author of the project. Students present their versions to SYO Projects Department. And they are sent to the related department in project form. The head of the department sends it to Deputy Chairmen. After a few adjustments it is given to the chairman of the SYO. With the approval of the project by the Chairman, the project starts.  The student is informed about the project. So the author of the project starts activities by establishing a working group to carry out the project. After defining the location and fixing the time, the project starts.

The events not being held at university are attended by voluntary students who are interested in the theme of the event. And it is organized by the Faculty Heads. In addition, each faculty has groups’ representatives.
By means of this system, AUL SYO can inform the students properly in organizing leisure time activities and enhancing students’ interests.

Activities of Student Youth Organization:
To represent and protect the interests of all students and each of them individually, and to  ensure their active participation in socio-political, cultural, social and economic life of republic.

To solve social problems of the students

To raise awareness among students;

To make Students’ leisure time more effective;

To ensure the rights of students;

To ensure the participation of talented and creative students in competitions, contests, exhibitions and festivals being held in the republic and abroad.

To implement preventive measures against addiction, alcoholism, crime, immorality and other negative trends among students.

To hold competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, demonstrations, round table discussions, conferences, trainings, public awareness campaigns, discussion clubs, debates, symposia, meetings of famous people with the participation of students;

To create intellectual circles, studios, clubs, and courses due to the students’ interests and inclinations, and to develop their intellectual skills.
To get information about students’ problems, and to send it to the Academic Council to be made decisions.

Membership of the organization: Student Youth Organization membership is open to each student and it is voluntary.

The structure of the organization: the supreme body of the organization is a Conference. The chairman, deputy chairman and members of the Board of Governors are elected in the Conference. The Conference is held every 2 years. The activities of the organization are administered by the Board of Governors during the period of Conferences. The Board consists of 17 members including the organization’s chairman, deputy chairman, the chairmen of 7 Schools of the university and a deputy chairman from each school.  AUL Student Youth Organization is headed by the Chairman. The Deputy chairmen fulfill Executive and Management responsibilities and help the chairman of the Organization.  The structure of AUL Student Youth Organization consists of the following Schools’ Student Youth Organizations.

Regional Studies and International Relations

Philology and Journalism



The activities of Faculty SYOs are carried out by Managerial Staff consisting of the students of the faculty. Faculty Student Youth Organizations are headed by a Chairman and 2 Deputy Chairmen.   The structure of Faculty SYOs includes Group SYO. Group SYOs are headed by a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman elected from the group’s students.

Executive bodies: The executive bodies are headed by the Executive Director, and he depends on the Chairman of the Organization. The executive bodies of the AUL SYO are Departments. And the Departaments are headed by Directors. The Departments include smaller executive bodies – Clubs and working groups. And they are headed by Coordinators.
The Departments are the followings:
International Relations
Public Relations
Human Resources
Science and Education
Culture and Events


International Relations: The Department ensures SYOs’ relationships with international and local organizations, and educational institutions.

Public Relations: The department informs public about events, and holds presentations of the SYO.

Projects: The Department carries out the project preparation of the organization.
Human Resources: The department is engaged in accounting issues of the organization, and an admission of new members.

Science and Education: The department ensures the implementation of programs and projects relating to science and education, and holds debate competitions, intellectual games, contests, and so on.

Culture and Events: The Department carries out cultural programs and projects, holds various events.

Fundraising: The Department carries out issues in sponsorship such as attracting sponsors to the organization.

Sports: The Department provides information to students about healthy lifestyle, and holds sports races and tournaments.

Control and Inspection Commission: The Control and Inspection Commission (CIC) of the Organization controls the activity of elective bodies, officials and members of the organization in accordance with the Regulations. The CIC has 5 members and they are elected for 2 years.  And the Commission is headed by CIC Chairman.

The Clubs are the followings:

Intellectual Games Club

Debate club

Patriots club

Diplomat club

“Green Club”, an ecology club

Intellectual Games Club: Serves to examine the intellectual level of the Students, and to acquire new knowledge. Games are held every week. It is held a spring and autumn championship twice a year.

Debate Club: Serves to help students to express their views freely, hold discussions, which serves to increase the ability of speech. The club has achieved great success a few times in the history of the university. It was the winner of the Russian section in Debate Forum held in Baku in 2012.

Patriots Club: Serves to raise the spirit of patriotism in Students, and hold events.

Diplomat Club: Serves to hold meetings with a number of well-known public and political figures, and simulation games among students.

Ecology Club: Serves to organize excursions to different regions, museums, and hold events of environmental awareness at university.