Department of Human Resources



Staff department has been functioning at Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages named after M.F.Akhundov since its establishment till today.

Former heads of staff department:

  1. Emma Mahmudova,
  2. Shargiyya  Rahimova,
  3. Zakir Samadov,
  4. Minaya Guliyeva,
  5. Shahla Gurbanova,
  6. Farida Najafova.

Functions of the department: preparation of orders (recruitment, dismissal, surname change, salary change, vacation, business trip, appraisal, reprimand, election for a new ????????????????????????????????????period and Contract Extension Agreement, etc.) for professors and teachers,   and administrative management and service personnel, documentation on the stipends for teachers, control over the maintenance and circulation of labor books, registration of medical papers, references and certificates, calculation of teaching experience, conclusion of contracts with staff and control over them, preparation and archive of the documents, organizing raids on prophylactic works for  labor discipline and its strengthening, control over Employee Attendance Table.

Recruitment process for young professionals is provided through attestation.


Head of department: Aliyeva Durdana Nariman


Director of Human Resources Department

Durdane Nariman Aliyeva

Tel: (+99412) 440 15 22