Information Resource Complex


Azerbaijan University of Languages, Information Resource Complex


The Information Resource Complex (IRC) was created in 2008  ( the 5 th of December) with the financial support of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The complex has twelve active centers and a variety of activities – all directed towards the sustainable development of the people of Azerbaijan.


To assist the higher educational institutions of the Republic Azerbaijan to integrate with global higher educational standards.

To appropriately improve the Azerbaijani educational system to global standards with the help of the opportunities of the Information Resource Complex


To patronize the processes of informing about science and culture, to assist in the creation of a global informational society, and to carry out enlightened mental activities in this area on a national basis:

-Scientific, educational and cultural information

-Assistance in the preparation of high-level specialists for the future of Azerbaijan

-Hosting ceremonies patronizing the research work of teachers and students of Azerbaijan Higher Educational Institutions (video-conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations, etc.)

-To propagate Azerbaijan Science, Education and Culture

-To propagate World Science, Educational and Cultural values in Azerbaijani

Intercultural dialogue

-Protection of national cultural heritage

-Development of information culture and continuous education

-Ethical aspects of the creation of an information society

-International and regional cooperation

-Cooperation with authorities


The structure of the Information Resource Complex: 12 active centers

  1. Center for Strategic Development: strategy

Strategic management: Implementation of the purpose and strategy of the Information Resource Complex and coordination of the work

  1. American Center: strategy

Propagating knowledge about American history, science, culture, American statehood, and general American values in Azerbaijan; strengthening and developing relations between the two countries

  1. Kid’s American Center: strategy – educate kids through AC possibilities

Propagating knowledge about American history, science, culture, American statehood, and general American values in Azerbaijan; strengthening and developing relations between the two countries


  1. Maker Space /STEM Center ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) – American Center for the development of technical skills of young people: children, pupils and Maker Space – a creative space and workshop. Place for the realization of ideas, experimentation, research, application in practice and hone new skills. As well as just an interesting dialogue on the various technological and scientific topics and fun pastime.


  1. Center for Innovations in Education: strategy

Learning innovative achievements in the global educational system, implementing and propagating them in Azerbaijan

  1. Media Center: strategy

Fostering relations with the World media system, conducting the media ceremonies serving for democratic bases development of the educational system of Azerbaijan, presenting press conferences, roundtables, trainings, debates, preparation of press releases, video debates, and international forums by using innovation tools

  1. Folklore Center- Turkish World : strategy

Learning and propagating the cultural heritage of Turkish people; forming full-text electronic databases and transferring to foreign countries, preparing resource databases about Azerbaijani folklore and delivering (spreading) to the world via Internet innovation tools

  1. Folklore Center of other world countries : strategy

Learning the cultural heritage of world people, translating and propagating this knowledge in Azerbaijan; carrying out intercultural dialogue ceremonies with the active participation of teachers and students of higher educational institutions

  1. Electronic Resource Center: strategy

-Electronic Acquisition sector

– Electronic Cataloging sector

-Full-text Electronic Databases sector

-Directions of AUL and other educational institutions, guarantee of corresponding information to research work

-Forming full-text databases of AUL scientific papers and delivering them to the world information space


  1. Electronic Information Center: strategy

Hosting a modern information bibliography service appropriate to world standards (usage of various reliable electronic and traditional sources)

  1. British Center : strategy

To propagate knowledge about British history, science, culture, and the national values of British people in Azerbaijan; to strengthen and develop relations between the two countries.

                  The main OBJECTIVES:


Investing in People through SCIENCE and EDUCATION

Investing in People… through Resources (physical and electronic) for everyone

Investing in People… through Trainings

Investing in People… through Facilities

Investing in People… through Cultural events