Science department


 As in every higher educational institution, scientific divisional structure at AUL began to function since the beginning of university’s operation.

Scientific divisional structure controls writing scientific research works, their implementation and application in practice in all departments of AUL.

It implements preparation works to the activity of the Students’ Scientific Society, republic’s SSS conferences and Olympiads.

 This structure controls the journals of “Scientific news”, “Language and literature”, “Actual problems of International relations” that operates at university, composition, systemization, printing, and correction of articles after printing, examination of articles and timely implementation of publications.

 At the same time, scientific divisional structure controls the implementation of admission to doctorate, conducting the examinations and all other works.

It implements minimum examinations on various qualifications twice a year, both in spring and autumn.

This structure controls the working activity of defense and theoretical seminars under it on the specialties of German languages – 5708, 01, World literature (English literature) – 5718.01, Theory and methods of training and education – 5801.01, Comparative – historical and comparative typological linguistics – 5714.01.

This structure controls the organization of all Republic and international scale conferences that are held at the university, their implementations, publication of  reports or thesis.

Scientific divisional structure organizes meetings with scientists who are well-known both in the country and abroad in the field of scientific creativity at AUL, in a word, that have created scientific school and celebration of their birthdays solemnly.

Very important textbooks, teaching materials, methodological works and programs prepared at university are financed by Finance Department.

It controls the organization and implementation of the seminars, meetings, conferences and Olympiads in scientific division.