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Dear graduates.  Welcome to the webpage of the school of further Education. This school has been activating since 2001. During this period more than 1500 students changed their specialty and became an English teacher. As the graduates of the school of translation were not able to work as a teacher, a year study at this school gave them an opportunity to work as a teacher at the secondary schools. Besides, graduates who have graduated from the school of education can continue their education at this school. In full time tuition they can study 2,5 years and in part time tuition they can study 3years and they can change their specialty and work as a teacher of foreign languages. The school has a lot of opportunities. Everybody will able to change specialty and work
Nəsir Xankişiyevin many fields. The university has a lot of opportunities in order to get education. The people, who were admitted to this school, have equal rights as the other students of the university. The most talented and educated teachers work here. You can make great changes in your life using all these opportunities. All these opportunities exist at the school of further Education! Choose, come and change your life!

According to  the requirements  of Order No349 June 13, 2000 given by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as connected with board decision No48/2 April 21, 2000 about “Improvement of professional skill and Repreparation education, real situation, improvement of the process” of Ministry of Education, “School of Improvement of professional skill and Repreparation “ organized attached to Azerbaijan University of Languages according to the order No 985, October 25,2000 by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been successfully activating more than ten years.  Rules and other appropriate legal-normative documents connected with improvement of professional skill and repreparation affirmed by the Orders No427 and 428 27.10.1995 by the Ministry of Education, “ exemplary regulations of Improvement of professional skill and repreparation” affirmed by order No77,  July 11,1997 of Ministry of Cabinets of the Republic of Azerbaijan were main principles in the formation of the school.
It is clear that, repreparation education has a great role in the maintenance of workless teachers with work, in the increasing of lesson hours of teachers with less hours, meeting the requirements to pedagogical staff on separate specialties in the regions, in the improvement of pupil knowledge, in the bettering of economic conditions of teachers, getting profits according to payable education services of educational institutions. Much work was done at this school in the direction of providing of schools providing general education in the Republic with teachers. During this period the school has successfully activated and hundreds of students changed their specialty and worked as an English teacher in different schools of the Republic.  As amount of financial means are separated for young specialties on the base of  state order but no additional means are required for  repreparation education, contrary in the result of realizing of  this education on the payable basis  specialists get much more profit in the frame of development program of regions.

We must take into consideration that the students who entered to other institutions for some reasons but their wish was to enter the University of Languages, can get chances to reach their wishes by the help of repreparation education. That is why number of students who want to enter repreparation education English  increases year by year.

Admission to the school was realized on two directions –pedagogical and translation. A lot of graduates finished these divisions on both directions and work on different fields. But admission to the school of translation has been stopped since 2006. According to lots of appeals to us we can say that there is need of restoration of this school. Because of acquaintance with the latest achievements of  science and technique in modern time, to be constantly in connection with world literature, knowing one language does not solve everything.  Specialists having high and secondary education not depending on specialists can continue improvement of professional skill and repreparation education on translation.

Thousands of students have graduated this school that began its activity on March 2001 and now they work in different spheres. Besides the school is engaged with improvement of teachers of foreign languages working in the Republic from 2002-2004 by order, February 21 by ministry of Education. More than 120 teachers have passed improvement courses in different department of Azerbaijan University of Languages. We must note that special attention is paid to improvement courses in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and concrete steps are taken in this area. For example board meeting “Improvement education of educational staff: existed position, problems and suggested new model” October 24,2009 widely presented by M.Mardanov Minister of education. This board meeting once more proved that improvement education  is main issue before ministry of Education. At present  “content of further education, organization and issuing of documents to persons on any direction of further education” given by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the participation has already been prepared. Improvement education, its module, curriculum frame of Improvement education, Improvement program, Improvement education credit, Accreditation Council on Improvement, Improvement period, training course, improvement of staff ,Repeat higher education and secondary education, Andragogica, financing of improvement education and other issues are reflected in this document.  But at present activation of improvement in this form does not satisfy us. Because of as Azerbaijan University of Languages is base university in the Republic, but not everybody does not appeal to us. Researches indicate that, there are some reasons. First, some people prefer to pass improvement at non-specialty University from regions even from Baku. This impedes improvement n necessary level. But to pass serious course at the University, to get information about latest achievements of science, using the help of Information Resource complex, American Centre, it could be useful to realize this work in high level. “Improvement education” sector attached to the department of strategic analyze, planning and management of the staff in the Ministry of Education was formed. We have tight relations with this department and may be it will have some results. In the result of effort of the rector of the university professor S.Seyidov department of Further Education on English, German and French languages on the base of Shortened education program for Bachelor’s degree attached to the school of Improvement and repreparation began to activate firstly. Full time is 2,5 years, part time is 3 years. Connected with this special Shortened academic programs were prepared and presented to the Ministry of Education and such kind of education was allowed at our University firstly by letter No 48-03-407/17, 23.01.2010 of Ministry of Education. By the direction of rector necessary works were fulfilled and acceptance of  documents has begun. For now specialists with higher pedagogical education are accepted to this school. According to appeals we can say that sphere of this school must be increased in the future. That is after advertisements in the newspapers specialists whose previous education was not pedagogical, as well as  specialists graduating  department of English language from colleges and technical schools appeal to us for study at this school. We have to think about this in the future to prepare special shortened educational program. In this case a lot of problems would be solved. “School of further Education was formed increasing the opportunities of the school of Improvement and Repreparation by the letter No46-25-3576/17, 10.06.2010 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The school of Improvement and Repreparation was changed into separate department within this school.

Further Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan continues its activity in six directions:

Improvement education

Repreparation education

Education of Training and improvement of staff

Repetition higher and secondary education

Education of improvement of degrees

Education of olds

At present departments of Improvement, Repreparation and Repetition higher education successfully activates at Azerbaijan University of Languages. Some measures are taken for other departments.

44 students study in bachelor degree, 25 students study at the department of Repreparation.

Work hours 8-30-17-00.

Dean of  the School of Further Education


Nasir Famil Khankishiyev


Tel: (+99412) 564 22 48